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L`Entraide Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner – Saturday 28 May.

L`Entraide-Annual-Fundraising-Gala-Dinner - Saturday 28 May


Art Scene

“The Tenacious Tree Huggers”


    The Tenacious Tree Huggers A solo exhibition by Michael Taylor Whatiftheworld Gallery Exhibition dates: 20th April 2011 - 28th May 2011 Michael Taylorʼs new series of paintings, ʻThe tenacious tree huggersʼ, portray a cast of awkward characters and their relationships to their personal environments. The paintings are character sketches of individuals struggling against the unpredictable ways of nature. These imagined people are not only confounded by the shifting occurrences within their environments, they are also troubled by their own individual natures. Through facial expressions and the powerful language of physical exaggeration, the portraits express misguided ideas around environmental