Art Scene

The Art of Leda Troedson.

Pulse by Leda Troedson

17 on Loader Guest House has for the past three years been privileged enough to host the permanent retrospective exhibition of the Art of Leda Troedson. The current works on exhibition are but a small fraction of a large body of her work which has never been exhibited. Some biographical information: Leda Troedson (born Rhode) was born in Porterville on the 26th of August 1926 and died in Cape Town after a long illness in March 2005. She was 78 years old. Schooled in Cape Town and educated at the University of Stellenbosch where she studied science (in itself an unusual study choice for women in the 1940’s), she worked for many years at the Medical and Dental Council in Johannesburg before changing career paths and                  

Africa Travel

Hills of Africa Travel

photobar-elephant-hills-of-africa-hills africa travel

Hills of Africa Travel specializes in customized African safari tours and offer spectacular adventures with personalized and customized service, guaranteed to provide one with the experience of a lifetime. Hills of Africa Travel is a team of extraordinary travel agents and tour operators,based in the USA who are passionate about sharing the magic of Africa through first-hand knowledge and exemplary customer service. Their expert knowledge, experience, and passion for their customers allow us them create a personalized safari adventure of a lifetime for all travelers. For further info, contact: Website Phone from the USA (toll free): 1.800.940.9344 Phone (international): 1.704.464.3273 Fax: 1.704.644.7829 Email:                  

Coffee & Roasteries

Coffee – Cape Town – “Rcaffe”

R'caffe 012

Stumbling down Long Street early one morning last week, I was in dire need of a good caffeine fix - ahead of meeting up with my lawyer - which as you know, is often not the most pleasant thing to do at any time of the day, let alone when all good citizens should still be safely ensconced in their pits and in the arms of Morpheus... However, I digress, "Rcaffe" (I am told it is pronounced “aar – café) is a real gem and a great find, right in the heart of good old Cape Town! (For those who can remember that far back, it is where the old "Yellow Pepper Deli" was situated). And - it's in Long Street close to The High Court and Huguenot Chambers (why the reminder of all things legal I ask                  


LITERARY LUNCHES with Gorry Bowes-Taylor


17 on Loader Guest House wants to keep you in the literary loop! So here's the latest for all you bookworms: She's a stellar bestseller in South Africa, the UK, Australia and America. The big budget film of her novel My Sister's Keeper made the screens worldwide, her stories are impossible to put down and they stay in your mind. She's Jodi Picoult and she launches her latest, nuanced novel House Rules. Date: Saturday, July 31 2010 Time: 12h00 for 12h30 Venue: Buitenverwachting Restaurant, Buitenverwachting Wine Farm, Constantia Welcome: Buitenverwachting Rhine Riesling 2008: in true Germanic style with low alcohol content, fresh acidity. Herbaceous green flavours, underlying slightly sweet, Granny Smith                  


Cape Town Tourism supports the Ubuntu Festival

17 on Loader Guest House is proud to announce that the heart of the City is gearing up for the Ubuntu Festival from tomorrow, Friday 16 to Monday 19 July, in celebration of former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday. You are invited to the Ubuntu Symposium which takes place on Monday 19 July at the Taj Hotel in Wale Street and explores ways in which Cape Town can harness that wonderful feeling of unity amongst Africans and all visitors that was achieved during the World Cup – Ubuntu at its very best! The Symposium aims to unpack the concept of Ubuntu and encourage Capetonians to practise Ubuntu at work and at home, within our communities and beyond – to create a better city to live, visit, work, study and                  

Eating Out

Sushi and Chinese please!


It's Friday! And given that we're on the precipice of a weekend, this post should come as divine enlightenment... On a very merry excursion to all sorts of central city venues for debauchery, jollity and merriment, we found ourselves quite under the weather/influence on the taxi trip home. Doing the route back to le loov-leh 17 on Loader (Cape Town's chic bed and breakfast in De Waterkant), the heavens opened and revealed a luminous red sign, on Seapoint Main Road, reading - "Xiang Yuan". With the excitement of teenage girls at the mall, we begged the cab driver to pull over and poured in to Xiang Yuan. Now my love of  the place may seem ridiculously evangelical but, given that the time was almost                  

Art Scene

The Art of Johan Angus.

WORDS UNSPOKEN - by Johan Angus

Born in Johannesburg, Johan studied at the University of Pretoria where he graduated with a Degree in Information Design. During his studies, Johan was runner-up of the National SDSA/SABS design student award, and came second in the National Art of Design Competion. After spending several years in the Advertising Industry as a graphic designer, Johan became a full time artist in the late '90's. In the past decade he has participated in over 18 group exhibitions and has undertaken 5 solo exhibitions. Galleries at which he has exhibited include:- The Globe Gallery, Pretoria. The Knysna Fine Art Gallery. The Stellenbosch Gallery. The Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town. I Art Gallery, Cape Town. St Georges Hill Estate Gallery,                  

Night Life

Cape Town Pub-crawl

They call it the pub-crawl for two reasons. 1. There are pubs. 2. The involvement of such pubs occasionally results in the action of crawling. This fact leads us to conclude, that it is our own best interest to rouse bedlam in pubs conducive to crawling. What characteristics determine crawl-worthiness? CLEANLINESS. To pub-crawl is one thing, but to be in a pub already crawling with bugs and Dickensian dodge-cats is a deal breaker. Moreover, hoping optimistically that visible symptoms of Hepatitis F don’t materialize, as a result of braving bar snacks, can somewhat suck the fun. Hence requirement two: GOOD BAR SNACKS. In a less then solid state, culinary surprises (and I’m talking about the Halloween trick rather                  

Interesting People

DJ Rene the Frenchman


While us over at 17onLoader (De Waterkant's premium bed and breakfast) often review back alleys and bustling venues, we don't usually take a look at the lingerers in the limelight. But recently we found ourselves beers-ing with the Frenchman that keeps HQ frantic on Fridays... DJ Rene (the Frenchman - as he is referred to) is the towering, infectiously jovial energy of a man pleased with the way his life's turned out. His bombastically beautiful grey hair bounces as he animatedly gesticulates with a wide, trusty smile. Despite having lived in South Africa for seventeen years, Rene still has the two unmistakable traits of a Frenchman - the accent, and the kind of effortless charm that could hypnotize a girl right into                  

Eating Out

Good Food and Wine Show Cape Town

The Good Food and Wine show swings into Cape Town today. Sleeves rolled up, salt and pepper at the ready, Cape Town's kitchen-groupies are twitching as excitably as sugared kids at Christmas.  The Good Food and Wine Show brings culinary theater, big-name book signings and workshops by world-class chefs. The Chefs In Action Theater brings us the BBC's best chefs in live rapport with local celebs, recreating their most innovative and favourite recipes. For the green-thumbed, prime organic produce is on sale, and the slow food market shows us exactly why slow food is so worth the wait. And with a children's cooking workshop distracting the rugrats, why not let loose a little. It's cocktail o'clock all day