Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution – Spekboom!

Spekboom in Flower - image courtesy of The Nomad Africa Trust

Help us create tomorrow’s environment. Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution - Spekboom! What is your Carbon Footprint all about? A carbon footprint is "the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, an event (such as travelling) or a product.” Carbon Dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gasses responsible for global warming. To help combat this The Nomad African Trust has developed the Spekboom Carbon Offset project to allow travelers to offset the carbon that is created during their African Holiday. During photosynthesis carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere, reducing the unnaturally high levels that mankind has caused. The planting of trees and vegetation is a                  

Exploring Fascinating Africa!


It’s 4.15 am. Still quite sleepy, I creep out of my tent to be, some minutes later, ready to sit in the truck that is waiting for us. Shortly after 5.00 am, we leave the campsite and after a one-hour-drive we reach our destination. I jump out of the truck and feel the fresh, clean air surrounding me. Above me lies nothing but the still dark and cloudless sky. Immediately, we start climbing “Dune 45” which spreads itself right in front of us. Finally we sit on the ridge of the dune, searching in anticipation for the expectant sunrise. Bit by bit, it edges out of the darkness until its warm rays caress our faces and then the entire plain before us. And as J.W. Goethe’s writes in “Faust” “I am a man here; I can be a man here!”                  

Nomad African Trust


17 on Loader recognises the need for social responsibility, especially in South Africa. We all share this planet, and as individuals, each of us needs to do our bit to make sure that there is future for our children's children. There are many organisations out there trying to create a better world for us all. Among them in the Nomad African Trust, a Cape Town based Public Benefit Organisation (PBO: 930029752) that was founded in April 2008 and is a registered tax exempt institution. The Trust focuses it’s energies on Southern Africa and has a three pronged approach due to our belief that it is impossible to separate the well being of the people, places and animals from one another. You can assist us in making this vision a                  

Hills of Africa Travel

photobar-elephant-hills-of-africa-hills africa travel

Hills of Africa Travel specializes in customized African safari tours and offer spectacular adventures with personalized and customized service, guaranteed to provide one with the experience of a lifetime. Hills of Africa Travel is a team of extraordinary travel agents and tour operators,based in the USA who are passionate about sharing the magic of Africa through first-hand knowledge and exemplary customer service. Their expert knowledge, experience, and passion for their customers allow us them create a personalized safari adventure of a lifetime for all travelers. For further info, contact: Website Phone from the USA (toll free): 1.800.940.9344 Phone (international): 1.704.464.3273 Fax: 1.704.644.7829 Email:                  

The Put Foot Rally 2012

Put Foot Rally Saving our Rhino's

The Put Foot Rally bills itself as the "the greatest social rally on the face of the earth”, promising 7 countries, 7 checkpoints, 7 parties and 7000 km in 17 days. Quite a challenge, you think? You choose your wheels (which currently range from a Toyota Corolla to a classic Range Rover), name your team and make your way through the checkpoints, which include the Fish River Canyon, Victoria Falls, Etosha, Caprivi Strip, Kariba Dam and Vilankulos. This all in aid of charity and the 2012 beneficiaries are both the Put Foot Foundation and Project Rhino. Following the inaugural 2011 event, minor changes have been effected to make it that much more brilliant. As if it needed to be, the 2012 entries sold out in just 28                  

Visit South Africa blogger tour video

Stop having a boring life

For South Africans, it's always interesting to see how the rest of the world perceives us. We're probably a bit sensitive about our shameful past, and are viewed as something somewhere between a first world and a third world country, with many tourists surprised we don't have wildlife roaming the streets. So it's pretty cool to see what a Canadian blogger and traveller had to say about our sunny shores recently. Rob Lloyd is leading a life most of us could only dream of. He was brave enough to pack up his corporate life and is now travelling the world and blogging about it on In February this year, he was invited to join the Visit South Africa Blogger Tour organised by South African                  

the EXPEDITION Project.


    The EXPEDITION Project - a voyage of rediscovery. In the words of the founder, Roger Wynne-Dyke "We aim to reawaken the resolute spirit that is every South African’s birthright. We want to look at old places with new, fresh eyes. This is a journey in search of the nation’s stories, its dreams and its heartbeat. We will stand unflinching before the challenges that the nation faces, and bring hope that inspires action. We will find and celebrate the change makers that are building the future. The EXPEDITION Project’s dream is to create a new way of living and thinking that will enable humanity to create a worthy future for our grandchildren. Its vision is to initiate a renaissance that                  

Getaway Show heads for the Cape.


Getaway is bringing its highly successful outdoor and travel show to the Cape next month. The Western Cape Getaway Show will take place at Lourensford wine estate in Somerset West and will bring a uniquely Cape feel to the popular event.  “For a few years now, many of Getaway’s clients have requested a show in the Western Cape, and we feel the time is right,” said the show’s manager, Debbie Tapson. “The venue is perfect. It has excellent facilities, is well-known for its beauty and accessibility and has successfully hosted similar large events,” she said. Taking place from 25 – 27 March, the Western Cape Getaway Show’s attractions will include a farmers’ market, morning                  

In den Weiten Afrikas


Es ist 4.15 Uhr. Verschlafen krieche ich aus meinem Zelt um kurz darauf pünktlich im abfahrbereiten Truck zu sitzen. Um kurz nach 5.00 Uhr verlassen wir das Camp und erreichen nach einer einstündigen Fahrt unser Ziel. Ich klettere aus dem Truck und spüre die saubere, frische Luft, die mich umhüllt. Über mir thront der noch dunkle aber wolkenlose Himmel. Wir machen uns auf den Weg, die vor uns liegende „Dune 45“ zu erklimmen. Schließlich sitzen wir auf dem Kamm der Düne und blicken erwartungsvoll der sich langsam erhebenden Sonne entgegen. Stück für Stück bahnt sie sich ihren Weg bis ihre warmen Strahlen unsere Gesichter und mit ihnen bald die gesamte uns umgebende                  

Auf den Spuren des Bartolomeu Dias …

Kapstadt, Suedafrika, Kap-Punkt, Kirstenbosch, Kap-Halbinsel, Rundreise

Am vergangenen Donnerstag war es soweit: Bühne frei für das nächste Abenteuer in Südafrika, dem Land in dem ich als Freiwilliger im Guest House 17 on Loader arbeite und lebe. Wie beschreibe ich meinen Ausflug? Man könnte es so versuchen: Ich verbrachte den ganzen Tag in einem Bus, nur um einen felsigen Steilhang zu besichtigen, der ins Wasser sticht wie wahrscheinlich Millionen andere auch. Man könnte es aber auch so versuchen: Ich erlebte wunderbare 8 Stunden mit Schweizern, Engländern und Australiern auf der Reise um die berühmte Kap-Halbinsel an der Südspitze Afrikas. Auf bestechende Weise organisiert vom Veranstaltungsanbieter African Eagle, machten wir uns bei strahlendem