National Barista Champ – Wayne Oberholzer

Wayne Oberholzer from Origin Coffee

When you hear the word Origin Coffee, ideas of rich aromatic blends and variety are apparent. For those who have been lucky enough to visit the Origin HQ in Cape Town you will agree the experience is out of this world!  At any given time you can have a coffee or Nigiro tea tasting. The professional waitrons will guide you through the menu of coffee’s and if you happen to be making a meal of it, a pairing will be advised according to your selection. Wayne Oberholzer, Technical Specialist, After-Sales Rep and over-all Origin GEM, competed and represented Origin along with 3 of their other baristas at the Regional Barista Champs earlier this year. He easily claimed the title, which allowed him, together with the rest of the Top 6 to                  

Italian Class – Caffe Milano.


    South Africa, Cape Town, July 2011; Kloof Street’s Caffe Milano welcomes Italian pastry expert Andrea Lecchi to the Cape Town food scene with open arms. With a string of positions at several high profile Michelin star restaurants in Europe and significant mentorship under some of Milan’s most famous pastry masters, Andrea Lecchi’s latest move to Cape Town is an exciting one for the country’s gourmet capital. A welcome addition to the Caffe Milano team, Andrea will be working under executive chef Giorgio Nava in the pastry department and managing the bakery. A purist at heart, Andrea is formally trained in the art of traditional Milanese pastry, where delicately flavoured pastries, tarts,                  

Rare coffee found in Civet faeces sells in SA for almost R3 000 a kilo!


A newly opened boutique roastery and espresso bar in Cape Town is selling one of the world’s most expensive coffees, a rare and naturally sweet-tasting bean that has been through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet which removes all traces of bitterness. Known as Kopi Luwak, the Indonesian coffee sells locally for a little shy of R3 000 a kilogram or R80 served by the cup, and is at present available exclusively through the Haas Coffee Collective, attached to the lifestyle design store of hand-made objects, Haas Design Collective in Rose Street in the Bo-Kaap. Kopi Luwak, with a caramel-chocolate taste, takes its name from Kopi, the Indonesian word for coffee and Luwak, the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus                  

Coffee – Cape Town – “Rcaffe”

R'caffe 012

Stumbling down Long Street early one morning last week, I was in dire need of a good caffeine fix - ahead of meeting up with my lawyer - which as you know, is often not the most pleasant thing to do at any time of the day, let alone when all good citizens should still be safely ensconced in their pits and in the arms of Morpheus... However, I digress, "Rcaffe" (I am told it is pronounced “aar – café) is a real gem and a great find, right in the heart of good old Cape Town! (For those who can remember that far back, it is where the old "Yellow Pepper Deli" was situated). And - it's in Long Street close to The High Court and Huguenot Chambers (why the reminder of all things legal I ask                  

Divine De Waterkant’s La Petite Tarte.


  Situated just around the corner from 17 on Loader guest house, is the magnifique La Petite Tarte. Today was not a day for coffee shops that advertise "bustling atmospheres" and positive attributes, so I walked into this small French haven of sidewalk coffee culture to be greeted by convivial staff and aromas of buttery pastry. This patisserie appeals to everyone - around me were seated a young couple, some businessmen meeting over coffee and some gossipy grannies hububbing over the vast selection of French teas. Everything is served on their signature crockery, with polished silver and pristine white napkins. The walls are lined with antique teapots, silver trays of French tartlets and boastfully                  

Coffee in Cape Town

Coffee in Cape Town

Four years in, I’ve realized that living in Cape Town is like being the popular kid in high school: you know about every big and backdoor party going on the in the city and you’re invited to all of them.So we’re bringing you the keys to the kingdom – every hotspot not included in travel guides and Cape Town tours, every sultry secret you may be missing out on in The Mothercity. Let’s start with the caffeine culture, because coffee dates should be about more than just the coffee… Crespella, in Observatory, is the cosy hide-out of an award-winning crepe. This intimate, bohemian venue of absurdly reasonable prices, boasts my favourite Nutella, banana and crème crepe and the service of so endearing a shopkeeper, that you feel like