South African Surfing Dynamo – Tanika Hoffman

Tanika Hoffman South African Surfer

Tanika Hoffman’s love and passion for surfing began at the tender young age of 9 years old. Having spent all her free time on Muizenburg beach and countless hours in the water - surfing lessons were the obvious and would propel her to an exciting level in her water baby career! Tanika snapped up her first title with ease at the South African Grommets Surfing Game in the Under 12 division – the first of many accolades to come. This highlighted her ambition to excel and really take her sport to a professional level. Next came an anticipated 1st place in the SA Champs Under 14 and Under 20 divisions, securing Tanika a place in the Under 18 South African Junior National Team to represent South Africa as a junior in Portugal, New                  

And the winner of the Byte Orbit competition is…

Competiton Winners Byte Orbit Start-Up

Byte Orbit, leaders in software development recently gathered sixteen impressive software based tech start-up finalists under one roof to announce the winner of their competition, Startup Knight. The competition called on software based tech start-ups that were getting ready to start a viable business “We would like to extend a challenge to other established technology based companies to identify and incubate innovative entrepreneurs in South Africa” explained Amit Ramdath, CEO of Byte Orbit. And the Winner is… Easy2Map …can we have a round of applause and standing ovation! “We found it hard to find fellow local entrepreneurs through online channels, so we wanted to create an online map directory of all entrepreneurs in Cape                  

Cold Gold – Artisan Ice Cream

Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream

Cold Gold is a new producer of artisan ice creams, sorbets and practically any frozen fantasy based in Stellenbosch. The creative brainchild behind Cold Gold, Janine Van Zyl’s philosophy behind her frozen gold is simple; producing the perfect ice cream, sorbet and cones made with love! Her homemade ice cream and sorbet creations are all natural and delicious with absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavourings, artificial colourings or stabilizers. Janine goes the extra mile travelling from farm to farm sourcing only the best, freshest, organic, fair trade and seasonal ingredients for her products. Janine believes that everybody should be able to have their dream dessert and eat it thus any ice cream dream can                  

Place your dreams in reality in the Pipeline Dream

The Pipe Track Cape Town

Stunning initiatives such as Candy Chang’s, Before I die project have taken the world by a viral storm and people want more… Why? What is so intriguing about sharing your dreams, aspirations and goals with the world? Simple really… It inspires! Removing us from our mundane daily lives and whisks us into a real wonderland where we have the opportunity to write down whatever we can dream of. Pipeline Dreams is a project that was started in order to find out more about what people's dreams are as well as to bring some happiness to the Peeps of Cape Town. The Pipe Footpath is home to a lovely little stonewall and tucked in the crevices are notes with people's dreams on them. Beautiful right?!? The goal of the project is to get people                  

South Africa’s coldest winery… ZAHarmonie

Bi-Anne du Toit winemaker

To most of us Sutherland is the land of infinite landscapes, bossie-veld that stretches till the eye meets the horizon, and by night... star studded skies take your breathe away. Naturally this is home to Karoo lamb and B&B’s are plentiful as Capetonians flock there to gaze at the magnificent starry skies and see white blankets of snow in winter. But would you have guessed that a boutique winery could survive there… Winemaker Bi-Anne du Toit was born and raised in the Swartland and comes from a family of determined farmers. Having completed her studies in oenology and viticulture at Elsenburg in 2003, she then headed to France to work on a wine estate and this would be the start to her amazing journey in winemaking… This                  

Happy Women’s Day 9 August 2012

Womens Day 2012 9 August

56 years ago over 20,000 women staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act (also known as the pass laws). They left bundles of petitions containing over 100 000 signatures at Prime Minister, J.G. Strijdom's office doors. We are reminded of this monumental occasion on the 9th August every year to celebrate these amazing women and remember the slogan that was coined… “Wathint' Abafazi Wathint' imbokodo!” (Now you have touched the women, you have struck a rock) a strong reminder of those women's courage and strength! There are many inspiring women to be celebrated on this day; one in particular we would like to raise a glass to is Granny Graham,  a pioneering                  

Muso Henri Himschoot

Brynmor Band with Henri Himschoot

Who knows at the youthful age of 21 what the future holds - let alone the direction they are heading? We were very lucky to come into contact with an inspiring young guy through the beauty of serendipity. Henri Himschoot was the winner of our case of Two Oceans wine on MuthaFM last week, there was just something that stood out with this guy, so we decided to dig a little deeper to find out more. Henri Himschoot was born to be a Muso, he has been involved in the music scene since the age of 8 where he learned to play the piano at school until one day he picked up a guitar and (apt intense electric guitar strummmm) he was a natural! With a bit of guidance from a muse Henri started to put his music to paper, and is now a songwriter                  

Gizelle Loots lives life TO DA MAX

Gizelle Loots living life to DA Max

Gizelle Loots, presenter of To Da Max on, certainly has had an extremely varied and exciting career. She grew up in Cape Town and, quite the case of the cobbler’s daughter, became the rather podgy daughter of the owner of Loots Family Health Centres. Her dad put her on a strict regimen and so began her love affair with fitness and competitive sport. After being a near-professional athlete, she took up personal training until the acting bug bit. Gizelle pursued this for a while until an old rollerblading buddy convinced her to try stunt work out. This is where she says she has had the time of her life, being run over, blown up, knocked over, pushed off edges and slipping off bridges.  She’s worked on                  

Sonja Kruse – Ubuntu Girl

Sonja Krouse The Ubuntu Girl

Would you, at an absolute whim after your sister’s wedding in East London, give up everything you have? This, of course, to begin a journey travelling across South Africa with 100 bucks in your pocket and the clothes on your back, in search of the real meaning of “”Umuntu, Ngumuntu, Ngabantu”? Yes, it really is okay, I don’t think many people would! Let alone travel across 9 provinces for a year, relying on the absolute kindness of strangers. One very brave woman has, and she has one heck of a story to tell as ‘Ubuntugirl’. Sonja Kruse has spent a year travelling across South Africa, sans credit card or comfy hotel bed, in a somewhat bizarre, but always incredibly fascinating, quest to                  

Happy Birthday to US!

Happy Birthday to us

Happy Birthday to US! April 20th is an auspicious day - not only is it a Friday, and a week before Freedom Day, but it's also What's Up’s third anniversary.  Three years ago we started out as a humble blog letting people know what amazing and quirky events were happening in Cape Town, introducing you to some interesting people, and sharing some of our favourite foodie, wine, tourism and other discoveries.  The 2010 Fifa World Cup was a highlight, as has been the rapid adoption of social media as a primary form of communication.  Building on this great foundation, we've expanded rapidly, adding What's Up Jozi ( , What's Up Durban ( , What's