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Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution – Spekboom!

Help us create tomorrow’s environment. Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution – Spekboom!

Spekboom - the carbon offset solution

Spekboom – a solution to the Carbon Footprint problem

What is your Carbon Footprint all about?

A carbon footprint is “the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, an
event (such as travelling) or a product.” Carbon Dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gasses
responsible for global warming.
To help combat this The Nomad African Trust has developed the Spekboom Carbon Offset project to
allow travelers to offset the carbon that is created during their African Holiday.

During photosynthesis carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere, reducing the unnaturally high levels
that mankind has caused. The planting of trees and vegetation is a key and sustainable way to offset
carbon. One of the best plants when it comes to carbon absorption is the Spekboom (or Elephant’s
Food as it is commonly known).

Through this unique project your clients will be able to enjoy a carbon neutral stay / holiday by
purchasing “Green Seats / “Green Beds”.

What is Spekboom?

Spekboom in April

Portulacaria afra – Spekboom

Spekboom is an evergreen succulent shrub that can reach a height of 2,5m and occurs mainly in the
South-Eastern Cape, especially around Baviaanskloof and the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. It has
enormous carbon storing capabilities and its capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions is equivalent to
that of moist, subtropical forest. The use of Spekboom delivers the most value for money in carbon
capturing terms, and it also has the most significant ecological benefits in terms of replenishing
degraded areas.

How does it work?

Cleints will be able to choose to off-set their carbon footprints when booking their tour/accommodation
by choosing to buy a “Green Seat” or a “Green Bed”.

Once the desired amount has been collected the funds will be distributed to our implementation partners
in the selected planting areas and planting will begin.
All the funds that are collected are administered by The Nomad African Trust who manages the project
in conjunction with the Department of Water Affairs and the Rhodes University. Clients will be issued
with an e-certificate with further details and verification contact options. Please be aware that “Green
Beds / Green Seats” are not tradable Carbon Credits and are purely used for Carbon Offsetting


Spekboom in bloom

This project not only reduces global warming but also benefits the local ecosystems by protecting the
soil, reducing water loss and improving bio-diversity. In addition to this the project employs members of
the local communities and positively affects people’s standard of living.

Take action and Offset your Carbon Footprint with South African Solution, Spekboom, now!


  1. Francois Loots says:

    I have plenty Spekboom Trees and Spekboom Bonsai Trees. Cuttings, trees in trays, trees in plastic bags and Bonsai trees are available. Municipalities should engage in Spekboom tree Planting and Spekboom Bonsai Displays. Kind Regards Francois

    Francoislootsceres at gmail dot com

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