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Child Protection OrganizationCharity is very close to our hearts here at WhatsUp, we love giving credit where it is due and couldn’t be more humbled by folks that give everything of themselves and ask for nothing in return to assist those in need. Home of Hope in Cape Town is one of these amazing and inspirational establishments.

Home of Hope is a registered Child Protection Organization which provides services for the safety, well-being and care of all children in need of it, with a holistic approach through protection, education and support with the aim of breaking the cycle of child abuse.

Our children are our future and without organizations like Home of Hope the future of many of our children, from their perspective would seem dull. A misconception that life is not beautifull, kind and full of opportunity. The Angels at Home of Hope stress this day in and day out while nurturing the children in their care, showing them that the world is their oyster and well, LOVE really is the most important thing and everyone is worthy of it!

How you can help – Home of Hope require very little, when we consider how much we have. Donations of nappies and toiletries; fresh and dry food goods and even hand-me-downs are always smiled upon. A hand up of cash is always a blessing – you can donate here:

Banking Details
Account name: Home of Hope
Account nr: 272800988
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Table View
Branch code: 022209
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

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Tear Jerker’s – Home of Hope have profiled some of the stories of children who have come to them in need of their care read more here

Excerpt from the Home of Hope Website

If my face wasn´t swollen I could give you a smile.
If my soles weren´t covered in cigarette burns,
I could walk a mile.
I could give you a hug,
But my one arm is broken.
I could hear soft kind words,
If only they were spoken.
I could be a beacon of love,
Not an object of hate.
With a few minor ingredients I could be just great.
I could be an incredible gift I promise, its true
I could conquer the world
It may just depend on you.

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