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twobytwoEveryone has been on at least one terrible date. If at this point you are thinking to yourself, “No, not me”, perhaps you are unwaveringly optimistic, perhaps you have flexible expectations, or perhaps you are downright nauseatingly lucky. For the rest of us (who can relate to horror stories of small-talk that led to “I only listen to heavy metal bangra”, or the maniac that asked to see your feet on the first date), we understand how a terrible choice of place can ruthlessly catalyze an already souring date.
Luckily for you though, the Mothercity is nurturing when it comes to romance.

  1. The rain and winter breeze encourage opportunists to venture in closer, under the guise of consideration and warmth.
  2. From Gugulethu to Camps Bay, no matter where you are in the Western Cape the backdrop is the world-class stuff of postcards.
  3. For those wanting to spoil, or be spoiled, an abundance of restaurants that rank amongst the best in the world, still feed individuals for under $30 US – simply unprecedented considering the caliber of cuisine.
  4. Mountain, ocean, winelands – the cape conjures all the simple pleasures of the country, all the promise of a city, and a courtship for any palate.

Aubergine, Jardine, Rust en Vrede, Le Quartier Francais, La Colombe are the Western Cape’s internationally acclaimed fine dining venues.

For those newly courting, you may want to steer clear of the dinner-with-swank model. Asking “Is that the right wine?”,  “Is this the right fork?”, or trying not laugh too loudly (in a place where all the guests seem to be whispering and cutlery connecting sounds as booming as the Signal Hill canon), creates a fair amount of pressure. I say do something. Activity is a safety net: shared experience, conversation stimuli, and most importantly distraction during conversational lulls (which we all hope we will not have to deal with).

The goofy rom-com date: bowling, putt-putt, feeding penguins, anything that gets you laughing is good.

The scenic date: Take a drive along the coast, from Camps Bay, past Llandudno, through Hout Bay to Chapmans Peak.

The cultured date: Tasting or food pairing in the winelands and, in Summer, incredible outdoor theatre at Maynardville.

The fun date: Go-karting, ice-skating - to bring out the fun-loving of lovers.

A date in the dark: The Labia is a one of the early theaters, that has beautifully maintained the intimacy of the cinema experience of the old school – red velvet curtains, small audiences, flickering projection and popcorn freshly made to order.

The day-time date: Greenmarket Square and, on Saturdays, The Old Biscuit Mill market are a great way to soak in sunshine. Greenmarket Square is really in the heart of the city – where you can be absorbed into the sea of a South African market place, while The Old Biscuit Mill provides a rustic, sociable way to pamper sophisticated palates.

And for those accomodating overnight romance be sure to stay at 17 on Loader guest house – a secluded haven in the heart of the city.


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