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What’s Up Liam: Thailand’s Top 5

The Islands, Beaches and Weather - What’s a trip to Thailand without visiting one of the many islands? Whether you want to head down South and take time out on Koh Sumui, Koh Tao or Koh Pangya, or take the short trip from Bangkok to Koh Samed, Thailand’s islands offer that instant feeling of ”I’m on holiday”. The beaches are spectacular and the weather is always warm – you can’t go wrong!

Bangkok - The city to be explored! As if the beautiful islands are not enough, Thailand has the metropolis of Bangkok. It’s a bustling city that offers world class dining, shopping, entertainment and a taste of what a real Asian city is like. Bangkok also acts as the national and international connecting point for buses, trains and flights in and out of Thailand. A great point to start your South East Asian experience.

The Food – If you like trying new things and can handle a little bit of chilli, then Thai food will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. Food in Thailand is delicious, well priced and readily available on pretty much every street corner. A definite top 5 of what Thailand has to offer.

The People - It’s no lie that Thailand is the land of a 1000 smiles. Thai people are incredibly friendly, generous and willing to help one get around.

The Markets - Markets in Thailand act as an extension of Thai culture. Almost all towns and cites have market places that will vary in terms of size, what’s available, the tourist factor and price. Both locals and foreigners sprawl day and night markets in search of a bite to eat, a new item of clothing or a thai ornament.

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