Blouberg Beach Cleanup

Beaches Cape Town CleanupWhats Up loves to give credit where it is due and in this write-up we would like to thank a group of folks who dedicate one Saturday a month to cleaning our beaches and encourage you to take part in awesome initiatives such as this. The Blouberg Beach Cleanup community motto is “Stop complaining about litter and start doing something!”

The next Blouberg Beach cleanup is being arranged for the 15th of September 2012. They are hoping to get a few groups of people together to commit to cleaning certain stretches of beach all the way from Lagoon Beach to Melkbos. If you would like to get involved or get a few people together, please contact Greg directly he will allocate a spot to you.

Another real bone of contention for these good Samaritans is the Seli 1 which ran aground in 2009. It is a  huge concern for our marine life and the overall pollution of our beaches, fortunately the City of Cape Town is busy with the project – however there is still lots and lots of litter lying on the beaches, and they need you to help out! Meet up with the all the beach cleaners at 10am outside the KFC and help them keep our awesome beaches squeaky clean.

Check out the Facebook page or contact Greg via email


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