Namaqualand colours in Cape Town

Flower exhibition

The concept of the exhibition is to start from the beauty of nature colours, share with visitors some understanding of the plants and flowers, and provide some recommended tourism contacts to facilitate CapeTownians to decide how to plan for their next journey to Namaqualand.

Namaqualand Colours is a group photography exhibition of Siegfried Schafer, Steven Smuts, and Laurence Savary.

From October 25 to end December, a bit of Namaqualand can be experienced in the heart of Cape town (at the Cape Town Baptist Church, 23 Kloof Street).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday 25 October, 6-9pm, by Louis Willemse who guided the photographers tour to Namaqualand, and John Manning, a SANBI Botanist, author of the Namaqualand Ecoguide, who will walk the public through the exhibition adding botanical understanding to the beauty of the photographs.

The exhibition will also display some tourism business and opportunities. Companies wishing to be profiled at the exhibition, can do so by contacting

Artists from the Namaqualand and Cape will be invited to express the photographs into poetry, music and dance, though they are not named at this stage.

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