German film maker Fassbinder commemorated



As part of the international commemoration of the life and work of the controversial German film maker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, two of his films, a documentary regarding his working methods, and a stage production will be showcased in Stellenbosch at  Aan De Braak theatre.

The stage adaptation of Fassbinder’s Die Bitteren Tranen der Petra von Kant by playwright and director Charles J. Fourie will be performed by the talented young actresses Hilda Cronje, Cintaine Schutte, Carin Bester and Nieke Lombard.

Fourie’s version ‘The Sweet Tears of Petrus Pansegrouw’ sees the main characters in contrast to Fassbinder’s orginal text engendered as love tormented males who struggle with the relationship between desire and the loss of power.

The independent South African film director Aryan Kaganof will host a discussion around the subversive themes found in many of Fassbinder’s films, after which one of Kaganof’s own short films The dead man 2: Return of the dead man will be screened.

During his life Fassbinder was critically acclaimed for his use of the disintegration of interpersonal-relationships as a means to mirror a post-war German society recovering from vilification and transgression.

For bookings and the full programme at Aan De Braak theatre in Stellenbosch on 11 and 12 May call Carin Bester (0723051525) or Johan Falck (0722662786).

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