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Ryans² Run, bring your dog not your horse

Ryan Sandes and Ryan Scott Once upon a time two mates Ryan and Ryan, surnames Sandes and Scott agreed to meet at Vida e Cafe in Constantia for a pre-run coffee. Unfortunately the doors weren’t open yet and they were eager-beavers, so Scott challenged Sandes to run to the Vida e Caffe in Camps Bay. And so, Ryans² was born.

Since the last social run they organized, Ryan Sandes (acclaimed ultra marathon champ) has been to the Blue Mountains in Australia and won over 100km’s, he then came second in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range run covering over 160km’s! Phew… as if that is not enough, he then blitzed the fish river canyon solo and met up with Scott in the Pyrenees of France for a more casual jog.

It is not likely you have covered as many miles over the last couple of months, but luckily for you, distance running is not a prerequisite for joining the Ryans² run. They want to swap stories  with you and share their love for lekker coffee. So bring your stories and your thirst and join the guys for 6 – 8 km non-olympic pace, easy going cruise along the Constantia Greenbelt this Sunday 19th August. Leaving at 8:30am from Vida E Café in Constantia village. Free as the toes on the end of your feet.

Ryan Sandes has an awesomely inspirational site check it out here follow him on Twitter

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