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Ride your bicycle this #moonlightmass

moonlightmass Cape TownThe City of Cape Town rocks… Period! It is just one of those cities that ignites a desire within every one of us to explore every nook and cranny, soak in EVERYTHING! The Non Motorised Transport system is growing in popularity rapidly – making us more conscious of those moments when you sit in your car, going round and round the block looking for that parking to open… rather stop and re-think your mode of transport… Cycling is the new black, so get out of your car and get on ya good ‘ol faithful bicycle chaps.

#moonlightmass is the brain child of Daniel Graham and Elad Kirshenbaum – an uber cool social cycling experience highlighting the fact that Cape Town has an embarrassingly high carbon emission rate that could be offset by using greener transportation methods. #moonlightmass is a casual evening bicycle ride starting at the Green Point Circle on the eve of the full moon, every month. The monthly full moon cycle aims to raise awareness for cycling in the city and the safety of cyclists in the urban environment.

Join the spokes folks! The next #moonlightmass cycle takes place this Thursday, 2 August, at 9pm. Cyclists are asked to meet under the Green Point roundabout – the route varies from ride to ride but always ends with a social drink somewhere. Follow the trend setting cyclists on Twitter, Daniel Graham @Cpt.Grimmy and Elad Kirshenbaum @onekcollection or check out the #moonlightmass Facebook Page & website

4 simple rules:

  •  Wear a helmet
  •  Use reflective gear
  • Switch on the lights
  •  Obey all traffic laws

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