Eating Out

May the wors be with you…

Gourmet Boerie Cape TownRound of applause and a standing ovation for the South African sausage has gone gourmet! A little spiced mince and a sausage casing is definitely NOT what boerewors is all about… If you are a patriotic South African you will appreciate this imaginative new local is lekker eatery that has taken the traditional boerewors roll to a new level!

So just how creative can you be with a boerie roll you ask? Kate Marek, Silwood culinary sorcerer has created these gourmet boerie delights: The Breakfast Boerie, The Gorgonzola, The Hangover, The Herbiwors, and even a special Kiddies Boerie. Pick your boerie and eat it – you have a choice between traditional, lamb, chicken or vegetarian boerewors, with an Ostrich boerewors in the pipeline. All boeries will be available on a selection of rolls and for those with a sweet tooth they offer traditional South African desserts such as Koeksisters, Milk Tart and Malva Pudding.

“We are a Proudly South African business that sells an iconic South African brand in a really fun, sexy and creative space that will be appealing to all South Africans and tourists alike,” says Craig Bright, co-founder of Gourmet Boerie and owner of Rocking the Daisies.

Gourmet Boerie will be opening their doors this October, watch this space for more info. You can find them at Buitenkloof Studios on the corner of Buitensingel and Kloof Street. For more info check out their boerie-licious website.

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