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Beefing it up Wagyu style

Wagyu Beef South AfricaTop Chefs, foodies, cooks and the discerning diner are talking about the hottest meaty option to hit South African menu’s – Wagyu Beef – be it a delicious burger, a succulent sirloin or a tasty T-bone – Wagyu is an absolute meat lovers treat! The word Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle (‘Wa’ means Japanese or japanese-style and ‘gyu’ means cattle).

South African beef is generally very lean compared to other countries’, but it is actually the fat that produces and enhances the flavour in the meat, this is the main reason why Wagyu is so delicious because compared to other beef, it has incredible fat marbling that renders down to produce a wonderfully intense flavour. South African Wagyu cattle are farmed solely on Woodview Farm in the Free State with extremely high ethical values and principles so the beef is 100% free range and 100% hormone free.

Woodview was recently nominated the overall beef winner at the annual Ultimate Beef Challenge, taking 10 out of 10 for categories including taste, texture, flavour and personality. You can get a taste of Wagyu beef burgers at the following establishments-: Royale Eatery, Bistro 1682, Perseverance Tavern, Peddlars, Saints, Cafe Caprice, Café Paradiso and The Grand. Prime cuts can be found at fine dining restaurants such as Aubergine, Greenhouse, Bistro 1682, Terroir and Nobu.

For more info on South African Wagyu contact Carol Grassman on 021 557 4740 or 071 643 3631 or via email.

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