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Gizelle Loots lives life TO DA MAX

Gizelle Loots from Mutha FMGizelle Loots, presenter of To Da Max on, certainly has had an extremely varied and exciting career.

She grew up in Cape Town and, quite the case of the cobbler’s daughter, became the rather podgy daughter of the owner of Loots Family Health Centres. Her dad put her on a strict regimen and so began her love affair with fitness and competitive sport. After being a near-professional athlete, she took up personal training until the acting bug bit. Gizelle pursued this for a while until an old rollerblading buddy convinced her to try stunt work out. This is where she says she has had the time of her life, being run over, blown up, knocked over, pushed off edges and slipping off bridges.  She’s worked on movies like Home Alone 4 and King Solomon’s Mines, with actors like Patrick Swayze and Dennis Quaid.

After being offered a slot at Mutha FM, Gizelle has hung up her stunt boots. She now takes suggestions and challenges from her audience with an extreme sports twist, which she uploads to youtube.

Catch Gizelle on, Mondays to Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm. This dynamo loves challenges, achieving goals and taking her life TO DA MAX.

Check out some of Gizelle’s stunts here: (getting knocked over) (poseidon stunts) (king Solomons Mines)

Check out Gizelle’s website


Twitter: @GizelleToDaMax


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