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Frans Smit: A painter following his passion

Stellenbosch-born artist Frans Smit is making waves on the local art scene, benefitting from a fortuitous and unique experience: being mentored by the renowned British painter Lucien Freud.

He was born in 1976 and studied science at Stellenbosch University for a year before switching to photography at Free State Technikon. He moved to London in 1999 and followed his true passion: art. He completed several courses at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, the City Lit College, and the prestigious St Martin's College of Art and Design.

He has since moved back to Cape Town, where he lives and works, participating in numerous exhibitions across the country.

"I was very fortunate to have befriended and been mentored by the late Lucian Freud. My figurative work is strongly influenced by him. I also like the work of Jenny Saville."

Smit combines photography with painting, focusing on portraiture. He enjoys modern abstract work too, describing it as almost meditation for him. "I don't have to think too much, it just comes naturally.

"Painting is my passion, I find it very rewarding and it fills me with a sense of excitement I don't get from anything else," he says.

"I believe in order to create great art one has to finish a painting with the same passion and enthusiasm as when you start it. Constant hard work is the key to success, talent is not enough."

His hard work has paid off – he has exhibited numerous times, and has been selected for the Absa L'atelier Award twice – in 2008 and 2010.

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