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Cold Gold – Artisan Ice Cream

Cape Town Artisan producer of ice creamCold Gold is a new producer of artisan ice creams, sorbets and practically any frozen fantasy based in Stellenbosch. The creative brainchild behind Cold Gold, Janine Van Zyl’s philosophy behind her frozen gold is simple; producing the perfect ice cream, sorbet and cones made with love! Her homemade ice cream and sorbet creations are all natural and delicious with absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavourings, artificial colourings or stabilizers. Janine goes the extra mile travelling from farm to farm sourcing only the best, freshest, organic, fair trade and seasonal ingredients for her products.

Janine believes that everybody should be able to have their dream dessert and eat it thus any ice cream dream can become a reality – even if you have special dietary requirements, so alternatives such as fat free ice cream, nut milk, seed milk, oat milk, rice milk or goat’s milk are available and they all promise to be as ultra creamy and delicious!

With over 300 quirky flavours on offer we thought we would share the ones that tickled our taste buds… the Pinotage, Pear & Vanilla; Cabernet franc & Cape Fig; Mango & Chilli and Wasabi Goats’ Cheese – YUM!

For more info on Janine and her Cold Gold check out the website and Facebook page.


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