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Save the Date: MCQP 2012

Mother City Queer Project 2012

Don’t say you haven’t been warned! MCQP, the Mother City’s queerest Carnival, is due to be held on Saturday, 15th December 2012. That’s less than six months people!

South Africa’s finest DJs and acts, and a few of their international counterparts, will keep you amused till the wee hours of the morning. There really is something for every taste. Oh, and speaking of taste, the gorgeous girls and boys, dressed to the nines in their interpretations of the theme, will simply whet your appetite! Venues are also as varied, from the CTICC to Ratanga Junction.

The theme for Africa’s ultimate annual costume party event will remain a closely guarded secret until the release date, expected sometime in October (we’ll keep you posted though). Now in its 19th year (next year its officially no longer a teenager!), themes have varied greatly from year to year, from the inaugural Shopping Trolley Project to last year’s Maid in China. Whatever the theme, it promises to be an all night, blow-you-mind kinda party. With GAGA performing here in December, maybe the theme, and the outfits, will be as outlandish? Who knows, maybe Her Ladyship will stay on for the party?

For more information, check out their website or follow them on Twitter @MCQP.



  1. Do you have your Fairytale-inspired costume ready?

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