Errand Girl – concierge service

Cape Town Concierge ServiceAre you that person that requires more time in your day? Time is of the essence, but you never get round to doing those things that are so very important…

Errand Girl is the answer! A Cape Town based concierge service, lifestyle management and part-time personal assistants for us folks that just don’t get round to doing that “stuff” that needs to be taken care of. Errand Girl will help you get through those annoying items on the never ending to-do list, including groceries, gift buying, getting quotes on that new fridge, waiting for the plumber to fix the burst geyser, collecting the new passport from Home Affairs etc… They also specialise in organising your spaces; rooms, cupboards, offices, papers etc…

Bernita Lewin is a super organised diva, she really understands the value of time (and the lack there of in a lot of folks lives) this was her opportunity for Errand Girl to come to the rescue with a service that would take that extra weight off clients shoulders.

For more info check out the Errand Girl website or Facebook page. Contact Errand Girl on 082 056 7141 or via email

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