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Echoer AppWord of mouth is said to be the most popular form of advertising, take Facebook and Twitter for example, both revolutionary concepts that have taken the world by storm, allowing you to babble about everything; how awful your day is going… someone you know through a mutual friend just got engaged in Hong Kong (you will never go to the wedding) and trillions of advertisements… the feed goes on… However, you often have to sift through the rubbish to find what you are really looking for – would you rather not be part of a community that allows you to choose whose words you wish to listen to and where they come from?

Introducing Echoer… an awesome new platform for iPhone and Android. This is a social system or network which makes it easy to see what other people are experiencing in the places around you. It solves the problem of working out which thoughts are worth hearing; elevating the most recent and popular content above the noise.

How it works: If you have an iPhone or Android device download the Echoer App. It is a bog standard installation process. All they require is a username, password & pin… And Bob’s your uncle… Your nearest location will be set as you move. Open up the App and watch all the echoes pop-up. There are 3 categories a Discovery an Event or Thought… Here is an example… Your nearest location ie: Bob’s Bistro will pop up on your device, say hypothetically you are at Bob’s Bistro munching on the Lamb knuckle Special @ 55 Bucks – Wednesday’s Only – if you wish to share their special you would categorize it as a Discovery, type in your blurb and Echo it! When other users enter Echoer within the vicinity of Bob’s Bistro they will see your echo and be “LIKE WOW – gotta get down to Bob’s to have some Lamb Knuckle!” Simple… and as awesome as pie!

Watch out for Echoes by What’s Up Cape Town to keep you in the loop of Whats Up!

If you don’t quite “get-it” take a look at the teaser video here or the demo.

Check out Echoer on the web.


  1. Thats a very impressive app. Can’t wait to try it out

  2. CapeTownGuy says:

    Cool idea, I’ll check it out!

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