Count your Pennies & the Pounds will come later…

22Seven money saving toolFor most of us the 25th of the month see’s the flourishing of our accounts until the 1st where, at the wave of some interweb fairies wand… swoooosh and PA TJING! Our hard earned cash is gone (apt sad emoticon). So what is the key to caring for your cash? Well the brainy folks at 22SEVEN have developed a tool for us to look at our finances in a new light and bright cheery perspective.

This is how it works… Logon to the 22SEVEN site and create a personalised secure account here it’s free for one month. Once you’ve linked your accounts to 22SEVEN, all your transactions are gathered and shown to you – together. No more separate bank statements, no more collecting and collating of receipts. And your information is updated every time you log in.

They then show YOU how to look at your money differently…

We’re used to being shown our “available balance”. We’re also teased and tempted to spend it. 22SEVEN puts your money into perspective because, well, it probably isn’t your money. Different words and sums help you see how much money you really have, how much you already owe, and how much you can borrow. Check out the image above as an example.

22SEVEN shows you something your various statements don’t: how much you earn and how much you spend. It also sorts and groups your transactions, so you can see exactly how much you spend on what. There’s no guesswork, no spreadsheets. And NO hiding from how you use your money.

NOW comes the cool part – Doing more with your money…

Once you know where your money’s gone, you can start finding more of it. 22SEVEN helps you see how you’ve been irrational with your money, and gives you practical ways to change that. Identifying your intellectual black holes means you can start closing financial ones.

VOILA! Easy as Pi or pie…

Check out the YouTube Video

We also LOVE that if you need any assistance – questions or answers you can go straight to the TOP, Check out all the relevant contacts here.


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