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Social Synergy Exhibition at The Cape Gallery

Cape Gallery Church Street Cape TownMost of us are observers by nature, may it be due to the fear of the unknown or our social differences whatever the reason may be -  humans are interesting – period. The gentleman wearing that unique hat that walks past your office daily collecting rubbish on his journey or the child that waits at the airport for her father with that look of intense love and eager anticipation – these people intrigue us, and what better way to express and portray this than in the form of art.

The Cape Gallery is hosting an exhibition in collaboration with participating artists including; Tyrone Appollis, Kenneth Baker, Lesley Charnock, Patrick Cordingly, Trevor Dean, Anthea Delmotte, Ricky Dyaloyi, Sandy Esau, Gary Frier, Patrick Holo, Lee-Ann January, Boyce Magandela, Lindile Magunya, Harold Mettler, Vuyisani Mgijima, Xolile Mtakatya, Makiwa Mutomba, Geoff Price, Frank Ross, Roelof Rossouw, Solomon Siko, Velile Soha, Gerald Tabata, Meshack (Shakes) Tembani, Mandla Vanyaza, Michael Water and Timothy Zants individually they have managed to capture the essence of these social acts within various mediums in a collaborative exhibition titled Social Synergy.

"Common purpose and intent draw people to interact in dynamic group activities or passive association. ‘Social Synergy’ is a well observed phenomenon. People congregate at the theatre, music festivals and sports events, carnivals, in church, marching, queuing or simply relaxing on the beach on New Years day. 'Crowd watching' can be a holiday pastime or an occasional happenstance. The viewer/artist is able to observe the broad aspect of the spectacle or look to appreciate the response of a small group or an individual."

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The Social Synergy exhibition starts today 23rd July 2012 and runs until 11th August 2012


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