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Uniting South Africa through Social Media: Follow #FollowSa!


Anyone can create a hashtag on Twitter or create an event on Facebook, but how many of those are driven with purpose and eventually grow into something that could fundamentally change South Africa’s presence in the global arena of social media?

Jodene, the co-founder of Lifeology, blogger and social influencer, has been witness to the possibility as well as the misunderstanding of social media in South Africa.  In addition she is a success story that demonstrates the endless possibilities for an individual or brand if they embrace the networking opportunities that platforms such as SMS, MMS, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare offer.

Watching her network grow and turning friendships into possibilities and Tweets into ventures, Jodene created the hashtag #FollowSA, which stems from a very commonly used #FollowFriday that could be filled with possibility if utilised correctly.  South Africans are entrepreneurial and the number of individuals who are attempting to live their own success story is constantly increasing. “Many smaller voices are trying to compete with established brands, but the voice of any company or individual is only as loud as your online presence,” says Jodene.  “Brand presence is equally as important for the more established names in the South African market because of the open platform to question and demand service,” she adds.  In Jodene’s experience, there is nothing more damaging or empowering than the voice of the brand in the online space.

#FollowSA is more than just a hashtag. It is a link to your next potential client, a blossoming friendship, an unanswered question or a dream coming true. #FollowSA is an opportunity to share your network with others and tap into limitless possibility of those who network around you. “It can be a suggestion, a question or a cry for help, but only if we share our networks with each other, can we guarantee that no request or dream goes unanswered,” concludes Jodene.

So join Twitter now and make use of the #FollowSA hashtag and look out for endless opportunities that may come your way and friends you may make.

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