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Capetonians are in for Real Treats in the coming months/years/decades!

KrisA has bounced onto the scene with his innovative; quircky and seriously enjoyable take on the Cape Town Restaurant scene.

Appropriately named "RealRestaurantRevelations" or RRR for short, we figure this man is going places (and not just to review Restaurants). (And he's also pretty yummy himself – n'est-ce pas? ….)

What'sUpCapeTown has decided to give KrisA his very own "slice of our pie" – and in the future we'll profile his blogs on our site under the banner  "What's Up with RRR".

To kick off, we've taken the absolute bloody liberty of posting one of the first entries on his website:-

"Squeezing every drop of the lemon"

I’ve been waiting a very long time for this.

Let the revolution begin.

Welcome to RealRestaurantRevelations’

article number 1.

I have wondered time and time again why it is only the restaurants with prices that consist of many integers, tons of zeros and big “R” prefixes that get the exposure on the fairly numerous review blogs and websites.

I am a firm believer in the renaissance of the “boutique”, affordable restaurant that will still admittedly be more expensive than your downtown Spur, yet offer a quality meal of epic proportions and still leave you with change for the carguard.

So, I hear you ask, who the hell is this guy? And who on earth does he think he is starting a review website without a Ph.D. in culinary appreciation?

I know what I’m talking about because I say I do, and to be honest, it doesn’t take skills in brain surgery or microbiology to know what’s lekker and what’s not.

On the other hand, skill is required when it comes to comparing all the places that happen to serve the “lekker” stuff. A skill that I have trimmed and tweaked over years of involvement in good food and good wine, on the production and consumption side, I’ll have you know. So I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy the ride.

Let’s begin by making a fairly bold claim that half of the restaurants in Cape Town would be better off as laundromats or internet cafes, where the employees’ lunchboxes might contain tastier food than that which the current restaurant places on its chipped and somewhat dirty plates.


Let’s not waste time with them, rather simply pretend they don’t exist.

So what remains after this brutal ousting of sub standard restaurants is a selection of restaurants from acceptable right up to drop dead, fantastically, superbly brilliant. Most of us will know the sorts of places I’m speaking of, and over the next (insert number) years, we’ll constantly examine them to understand better the places that suit our needs.

It is crucial at this point to make a very clear and strangely ignored point, that we need to compare raisins to raisins and not raisins to beluga caviar. Will the service and food at French Toast ever be as good as at La Colombe? Doubtful. Is it quaint, enjoyable and fabulous in its own right and in comparison to others like it? Well, yes, I think so. (More on that later).

This will be an analysis of restaurants within their respective categories and a means of keeping them striving to be tops of their own piles, even if their pile is a sandcastle or every Himalayan mountain stacked one on top of the other.

Here’s to eating. Deliciously.

Question of the day: If vegetarians avoid eating animals, do they eat ZOO biscuits? Pertinent.

KrisA – we can't wait for the next instalment! For more information, visit  and/or follow him on Twitter @RRRevelations


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