BBC looking for Inspirational Families from Cape Town.



Do you believe in instilling good old-fashioned values, discipline and respect in your children? Can you give two British teenagers the chance to have some much-needed structure in their lives?

The BBC is looking for inspirational families to take part in a factual entertainment programme on parenting. In each one-hour programme, two British teenagers are sent to live with a new family abroad, to experience life in their country under their rules. Previously the BBC has sent mismanaged teenagers from the UK to live with families all over the world, from Jamaica to India, Alabama to Ghana.

In this series The BBC want to send two British teenagers to Cape Town to sample a disciplined, yet loving upbringing in a family with a strong moral code and close knit family unit. 

South Africa is a beautiful country and the BBC wants to show Cape Town as an aspirational place to live by featuring parents who believe in instilling discipline, boundaries and respect whilst embracing progress and development in the country. They are hoping for parents who are professionals in their field and who instil a good work as well as socially responsible ethic in their children. They must also be willing to accommodate two British teenagers for one week, instilling in them the values and morality they demand of their own children.

The British teens will be expected to attend school, complete homework and help with household chores, whatever is normal life within the host family; they will not be guests in the house but new members of the family.

Historically this has programme has proved to be a mutually very rewarding and life enriching experience as well as providing a fascinating insight into the values and history of other cultures.

If you are proud of your strong parenting and family values please email a brief description of your family and all your contact information to or call Gemma on: 00 44 207 424 7267


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