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All systems go! MyCiTi to launch today.


"It’s all systems go for the long-awaited next phase of the City Of Cape Town’s bus rapid transit system, following agreements with public transport industry operators and approval of the launch schedule by the City's mayoral committee.

Agreement between the City of Cape Town and three vehicle operator companies (VOCs) paves the way for the commencement of services on the trunk route between Table View and Civic Centre stations, via Paarden Eiland and Woodstock. This will be the public’s first taste of a radically different form of public transport travelling on its own dedicated routes, with closed stations and prioritised signaling at intersections.

The service will also include feeder services, where MyCiTi buses run in general traffic and use conventional pavement-side stops, with three routes in the suburbs surrounding Table View station, and a service that runs from Gardens via the central city and Green Point to the Waterfront.

For the time being, these feeder services will use the current 12-metre MyCiTi buses, but the City of Cape Town has placed an order for 200 nine-metre buses for use on feeder routes.

The feeder routes are interim services at this stage to allow the City to gauge demand and adjust routes when more extensive permanent feeder routes are introduced in West Coast suburbs and the City Bowl and Atlantic seaboard, which include a service to Hout Bay.

Testing of systems and training of drivers is underway and the phased start of public services is 9 May 2011, when MyCiTi buses will begin running along the trunk route between the Table View and Civic Centre stations departing hourly between 09:00 and 15:00. From 14 May a full trunk service will operate stopping at all stations, together with the Gardens-Civic-Waterfront feeder route. The Table View feeder services will be operational by 23 May 2011.

Tickets will cost R10 during the test phase running from 9 May 2011 until 13 May 2011. The full service will thereafter commence with a flat fare structure of R5 for a feeder trip in the Table View area and on the Gardens-Civic-Waterfront route and R10 for the trunk route between Table View and Civic Centre in Cape Town. The maximum fare for a trip is R10. Users of the trunk route service will be able to access free feeder services at either end of the journey. For example, someone living in Big Bay or Parklands and working in the Gardens could travel the entire route for R10 each way, much quicker and cheaper than using a private car.

For an initial period, users will buy either booklets of tickets or single tickets with a value of R5 each. When boarding a feeder bus or entering a MyCiTi station, a R5 ticket will be collected and when boarding a truck route bus, a further R5 ticket will be taken. Transferring from a trunk route to a feeder service within the closed system will be free, so the maximum fare is R10. However, if a traveler leaves the station for any reason, a further R5 will be payable on re-entering the station.

Tickets will be available for sale on the buses and at MyCiTi stations. The City is advising people to buy the tickets in booklets if they are planning multiple trips.

People are also encouraged to walk to the stops and stations or take their bicycles, making use of the upgraded and new facilities that are part of the integrated system. There are lock-up facilities for bicycles at the stations, but they are also welcome on the bus."

Information provided by the Transport Information Centre.
Read more here www.capetown.gov.za/myciti

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