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Daniel Levi is a South African Artist currently based in Cape Town. Since graduating with Honors in painting from Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT), Daniel has worked in contemporary art and film; having focused on music videos, photography and painting for the last decade in London and South Africa. Levi has directed music videos for the likes of Massive Attack, Interpol, Prodigy and more. Having been signed as a features Director at UTA in America, Daniel is currently developing his first feature film.

Cape Town Exhibition
Daniel Levi's recent painted work explores the symbolic world of abstraction. On the canvas his aesthetic senses intermingle with his intuitive, cathartic responses in a non-literal way, allowing him to explore channels of expression beyond the concrete world of the literal image that is inescapable in film. The relationship between his film work and painted work is linked by emotion and a fascination with a personal view of external beauty and internal reality. Simplicity is key and Levi finds that his painted forms and colours spring from the meeting of the conscious and unconscious mind, a process that Jung called ?Active Imagination?. These are seemingly influenced by the Artist?s surroundings, experiences and personal interpretations. In the painting process, Daniel avoids what he calls the ?ego-based confines? of the analytical mind in order to allow for his own personal vision to be honestly portrayed. For Levi it is a process of finding and exploring internal truth. Titled ?Nature Ends,? this is his first solo exhibition at Whatiftheworld.

25 June – 30 July 2011

Opening Saturday 25 June 10h00 – 14h00

Whatiftheworld / Gallery

First Floor, 208 Albert Rd.
Woodstock 7925
Cape Town, South Africa


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