The Stellenbosch Slow Food Fair

The city is frantic. Even the traffic is flying flagged allegiances. And although The World Cup hype is deliciously palpable, sometimes we need to step out of the red-robot-green-robot regiment that's currently on show and remember the slow, sultry offerings that lie outside of our mini metropolis.

Take some time to slow down. This weekend the Stellenbosch Slow Food Fair exhibits South Africa's eclectic food culture. Over forty food stands will feature Indian, German, British, European and Chinese cuisines in a heated marquee – what better resistance to Winter than warm bellies inside and out. 

For hot Gossip Girl XOXO - type convo and a good dose of estrogen in the air (which has been admittedly difficult to find over the last month), The Ladies Lounge will sing the gospel of antique jewelry, fashion, ceramics and mosaics. Meantime, the old forged fantasy of vintage books will be boasted in the reader's corner.

The Wine Bar and Sports Lounge will combine the rough and tough stumble-into screenings, with a showing of the best balanced cultivars from within the region, as well potter-snitch-like sought-after liqeurs and bubbles.

The Cappaccino and Sweets lounge is where 17 on loader's lot will likely be at – And for those that are haphazardly meandering the aisles after (Saltare winemaker), Carla Pauw's food and wine pairings, stumble into rows of African design and Oude Libertas-curated art. 

This weekend, The Stellenbosch Slow Food affair happens the 1st – 4th July, 11h00 – 21h00 at Oudbe Libertas, Stellenbosch. Time to get away a while :)



  1. Love this market! have only been once but it is defenitely right up there with the best!


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