Jack Parow

Referred to as “Bob Dylan of the northern suburbs”, “pirate of the caravan park” and “an Afrikaans Eminem“, Zander Tyler is more popularly known for his on-stage persona as Jack Parow – one of South Africa’s most prominent popular culture icons.

Dans Dans Dans music video out soon

As “Cooler as Ekke”has monopolized African airwaves, Afrikaans, Mothercity-made Jack Parow, has become one of South Africa’s local loves.

At the early end of the decade, musical movements that tore Afrikaans music apart from religious zeal, resulted in the Belville Rock city phenomena – and so spawned bands the likes of Fokofpolisiekar,aKing, and Van Coke Kartel. So while Afrikaans music was once ripe with religious evangelism, the noughties saw it slowly became synonymous with grunge garage-sale outfits and angsty rock ‘n roll.

Lucky for us though, the the latest revolution is Afrikaans music seems to be an all-fun Afrikaans rap movement. Die Antwoord andJack Parow are core examples of Afrikaans music moving away from rock tracks, toward electro back beats and theatrical rap personas.

Die Vraagstuk: Die Heuwels Fantasties feat. Jack Parow

Zander Tyler first fell under spotlight for the song, Die Vraagstuk, which he produced for another Afrikaans-admiration, Die Heuwels Fantasties. Since then Jack Parow’s sharp tongue has earned him critical acclaim: Think Afrikaans social criticism – gratefully disguised in shock-worthy colloquialisms and boundary-pushing humour. Feeding the Afrikaans youth’s need for upbeat and bass, Jack Parow‘s jerk-quirky lyrics and crazy costuming set him apart from South African acts.

Cooler as Ekke by Jack Parow

Their latest success – the Cooler as Ekke music video – conveys Jack Parow’s crazy contagious stage presence.  Be sure to catch them in Cape Town live!


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