Eating Out

The Kitchen

Recently roaming Woodstock, the mothercity and I rekindled our dwindling love affair… in The Kitchen.

Last week, bleary-eyed from the sleep-sapping delicacies of a night become day, I begrudgingly bore my frustration, with the wind, out on the pavement of Sir Lowry Road. With the maniacal twitch of the rampantly hungry, I tore down the tramp-stamped sidewalks with the flavour of curse words in my mouth and was ready to go Jackie Chan on the next opportunist to approach. Then, chim-chimney-cher-oo, her lady Cape Town struck me by surprise again.



Nose took the lead, and I found myself seated inside of the treatery/eatery that is The Kitchen. The Kitchen is a Karen Dudley project that caters, cooks and cares for the coffee/lunch-time customers. Daily delicious include their legendary love sandwiches, a selection of salads, the ol' chicken dish o' the day, great coffee, and pastries the likes of prosperity bars, world peace brownies, ginger fudge squares and Kitchen-crafted cakes.

In the cosy, easy-going surroundings that suggested a backroom full of smiling-eyed, biscuit-baking grannies, I snuggled up to my plate full of food with a faceful of grin.

Sipping on coffee, staring through the glass, I'd gone from colourfully berating Woodstock's little eccentricities, to fairy-tale-eyed at it's Oliver Twst-ish charm.

It's all good-for-you food and comfy company on 111 Sir Lowry Road. If this post hasn't convinced you yet, I close with this:  The Kitchen is a sweet, unassuming little place that hung-over Hallie gave both thumbs up to, on a day when peace treaties were failing to impress.

For more of this (and that), keep up with us. 17 on Loader – Cape Town's delectable De Waterkant bed and breakfast – promises to blog more inner city secrets soon :)