Eating Out

Taste of Cape Town

For those who autopilot to the golden arches after work, or can't remember when last they consumed a microwave-free meal, it's time to up the steaks ;) In a city that's home to award-winning chefs and internationally acclaimed restaurants, there's no good reason for "just add milk"- eating.

This year's Taste of Cape Town festival promises to be a walk-through wonder-lust of tastes,textures and smells. The food festival version of Broadway – boasting big-name chefs, the best restaurants and some wildly good wines. Taste's menu features delicious dishes from Le Quartier Francaise, Bread and Wine, The Cape Colony, Nobu, Bistro1682, Wang Thai, Grande Provence, Societi Bistro, Myoga, Ginja, and Gordon Ramsay's famous Maze.  In terms of what's on the menu? If pina colada crispy calamari, pistachio pavlova (with rooibos and honey ice cream), cumin-crusted springbok loin and South Africa's best wines aren't good enough reasons to die the drive-through deeds for a day, then I don't know what is. 

This sort of attainable luxury is right down 17 on Loader's alley – well, not literally. Taste takes place from this Wednesday the 24th, until Sunday the 28th, in the 'burbs: Rhodes High School, Montreal Avenue, Mowbray. Click here for tickets and times. What a one-stop way to Taste the goods at Cape Town's top-class (tr)eateries.

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