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Most popular Restaurants in Cape Town

Doodling on the Internet recently (as one sometimes does), I came across tripadvisor's reviews on Cape Town Restaurants.

With over 32 000 reviews of South Africa's tourism spots (Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants etc), I found the results to be rather interesting.

Which 5 restaurants do you currently consider to be the most popular?

The interesting results (in order of popularity) are:-

1. La Colombe;
2. Millers Thumb;
3. The Opal Lounge;
4. Beleza; and
5. Bizerca Bistro.

I must say, I would never have thought of some of these eateries as being so popular, but it just goes to show what hidden gems there are (and for many of us, may even be ones we have never heard of).

I recently decided to visit one of those mentioned – namely "The Opal Lounge". Boy! What an amazing experience. However, no review here, as I need to take my time to reflect on the awesome experience – and perhaps return a few times, just to savour again and again that what makes it just so very special – and deservedly rated as a VERY popular eatery. Watch this space.

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