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Long Street- the Litmus test

So its reached the midpoint of the 2010 World Cup with the last game of the first round having been wrapped up yesterday. To say the least the tournament has yielded more than its fair share of excitement and above all good times. If ever their was a tangible measure of the success of the event, the atmosphere in Long Street would be it. Historically the Mother City's oldest and arguably still its most relevant clubbing district, its performance undoubtedly is the true test of 'off the pitch' success. That being said, thus far things have been phenomenal.

The exemplary safety blanket provided by the ever so present S.A.P.S who have quite hilariously, adopted the time old 'school field trip' buddy system, and unprecedented goodwill from all sides, has been awe-inspiring and at times jaw dropping.

Some have even gone as far as Mardi Gras' esque, with the exception of a few poorly timed blows on the vuvuzela (i.e vuvu-ing in the ten to fifteen minutes post the host nation losing 3-0, which I would liken to discussing politics and religion at parties on the "poor taste" scale).

With no shortage of screens to view games, Long Street has become the obvious alternative to actually attending the match, and even the fan parks.

All in all if you happen to find yourself in the countries fairest city in the coming weeks and in search of excitement, look no further. Long Street has the potential to provide an experience not soon forgotten.

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