Mexican Shebeen!

Weeks of searching and I believe that I’ve discovered where the real, riotous, palpable World Cup fever is AT!!! Cape Town’s football-crazed chaos has largely been a pub and fan park affair. With other great places to perch onesself for a viewing, including the actual stadium, and Mzoli’s.

But in search of something more – something different – last night we wandered down toward the muffled crowd sounds of the Shebeen (which is at the Strand Tower Hotel on the corner or Strand and Loop Streets) and found our way up into, what looked like, an entrance parkade… and low and behold, discovered the Me-heee-carn shebeen!

Think hot dog stands, big screens, foosball tables, a mechanical bull, a live DJ blaring the Bump 205′s biggest hits, hilariously out-of-time cheerleaders remixingShakiras “Waka-waka” and last but not least, the sweet mother’s milk that is Coronas!!! It’s wonderfully, successfully, comfortably trashy.

And manic as it was, what amused me further was the DJ’s public apology for their “quiet Sunday night”, in a room so full that beer acquisition required covert navigation.

Mexican Shebeen is a real, rowdy, ass-out World Cupexperience and I’d recommend it a thousand times over.

For those of you that are rolling stones to our Cape Town rowdiness, reach on over for the phone and call 17 on Loader bed and breakfast (021 418 3417)  to ensure a safe landing strip post-party.


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the post! The Shebeen is at the Strand Tower Hotel on the corner or Strand and Loop Streets. And it totally kicks ass.

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