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South Africa Won the World Cup

Yes, we did it! Whilst South Africa may not have been able to keep the World Cup trophy on the African Continent -we sure were able to show the world just what a Country we are and that we can deservedly claim first prize on every other scoreboard.

Apart from being the most magical, diverse, awe-inspiring and beautiful country that it is, South Africans have time and time again shown the world what it is capable of doing. And now we have just proved the doubting Thomas’ wrong and shown the world that we can indeed host the world’s largest and most prestigious sporting event. And this done in a magnificent; seemingly effortless, efficient; and crime free environment-with the warmth, hospitality, enthusiasm and open heartedness that would would make any citizen of any Country most proud.

To all fellow South Africans-we salute you. Thanks for making this past month an unforgettable experience-and to those who travelled across continents and oceans to share this with us-a huge “Thank You” too. To the world out there who have watched this sporting spectacular unfold on TV and other digital media so wondrously-we know you are impressed and we look forward to hosting you on our beautiful shores in the months and years to come.

17 on Loader Guest House continues to evolve, with an extensive refurbishment currently being undertaken (which includes new interiors, new furniture, flat screen TV’s, satellite television and much, much more). Additionally, we have also created one of Cape Town’s most popular and definitive blogs about what’s happening in Cape Town; things of interest and a calendar detailing daily events in the City and it’s surrounds.

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See you soon!

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