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Infecting the city

If you missed the memo, on why there are pink people peculiarly standing in Greenmarket Square, or why semi-nude men seem to be emerging from Adderley Street fountains, the answer is simple – they're Infecting The City.

Spier Performing Arts Festival: Infecting The City, is one Cape Town's most celebrated cultural events – a pioneer festival, showcasing performance artworks that interpret the city, within the city. Infecting The City has turned Cape Town's communal spaces into an urban performance arena. The works are performed at given times, in the open air, below the proscenium arch of the sky, and to stage left and right of traffic.

Photography by Yasser Booley

Sponsored by Spier Wine Estate, Infecting the City creates a tangible hype and pride around being Capetonian. The festival brings home South Africa's best, touring artists and, as these performances are mostly free, there is a beauty is observing street vendors, artisans, pedestrians and aristocrats, gather together for a sublime street-side showcase.

Photography by Sean Wilson

The festival has been running since the 13th of February, but continues until this Saturday the 20th. Don't be caught uninfected. The performance art schedule can be found here. Other associated events include:

White Paper Boats -  aritualistic performance by a vocal shaman using song, movement and origami to invoke a tale of ancestry, displacement, colonialism and, ultimately, celebrated unity.

UCT Graduate School of Business Talking Heads - 60 experts from a variety of fields and backgrounds, gather in Iziko South African Museum to converse within the prescribed parameters of, “This information could change your life”. A buffet of inspired thinking.

As well as a performance by the young a capella quartet, Cape Velvet.

Overall, not to be missed. Now go on and get infected.


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