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Hinds Brothers to sing at Joubert-Tradauw, Barrydale.

Hinds Brothers to play at Joubert -Tradauw

Aden and Wren Hinds, both singer/songwriters, unite to form an incomparable duo. Tired as they are with the dictated trends of the music scene, the Hinds Brothers intend to bring a revolution in the truest sense. It consists of a transformation of conciousness, from the age of gross materialist mass consumption we are presently experiencing, to trancendental reality. By contact with this music, we hope you will become inspired to rise above the ignorance of the material world, and begin to understand truth. Who are we, why are we here, and what is it we should be doing…

Their acoustically based songs are crafted in the classic mold, inspired by the great musical renaissance of the 60’s & 70’s. Each brother possessing a unique voice, they blend into a distinctive “Hinds Brothers” harmony.

This is music for everyone – at once seeking, thoughtful, provoking, melodic, playful and vibrant.

Playing at Joubert-Tradauw on the 9th of January 2010 at 19h00 – R50.00 per ticket at the door. Booking essential! (preferably via e-mail) info@joubert-tradauw.co.za

Entrance to Joubert-Tradauw, Barrydale


Proe…die Klein Karoo!

Joubert-Tradauw is a boutique, family-owned cellar with the focus on classic, elegant, hand-crafted wines to be enjoyed with good food; therefore ensuring premium quality. The grapes are hand- picked and -selected; the wines are all naturally fermented, unfiltered and matured for over a year in French oak barrels from Burgundy.

Joubert-Tradauw wines are complex, thinly layered and finely structured; with layer-upon-layer aroma and more Old World Style than New. Meyer believes in little intervention in the cellar, with the emphasis on good viticulture practises and uses traditional methods.

It is an unknown fact that the Tradouw Valley is a cooler pocket in the warmer Little Karoo region: the cool south-easter rolls into the Tradouw Valley every early-afternoon, coming from the Coast over the Langeberge, cooling off the vineyards; thus, resulting in diverse day-and night temperatures..we harvest as late as March for whites and mid-April for reds…the latest in the Cape Province. Research has shown that the Tradouw Valley is amongst the coolest areas for growing grapes, which is worth mentioning, because it results in a very slow ripering process.

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