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Become your best self in Cape Town

Hello All…

Jason Hough here from Renaissance Gym

I am passionate about excellence in helping you to achieve your true genetic potential in an environment that stimulates your body to move, flow and to perform the way it is designed to.

Through assessment and constant monitoring of your development and progress we will

design a program that will suit your personal needs and will be customized to your unique requirements. You will receive the five star attention that you deserve, to ensure that you are properly challenged and motivated to achieve your goals.

I have had tremendous success in training Cape Town’s elite, including several fashion designers, actors, businesspersons, Sportspersons and most recently for training FHM ‘s Sexiest Women along with several other models for S.A.S.I. Swimwear every year for the last 10 years. Not to mention countless success stories of everyday individuals who seek to be their best.

I received my education at Stellenbosch University and besides my degree; I hold several diplomas’ and certificates in Personal training, Power plate, Kinesis and Kettlebell instruction. I am constantly exploring and assimilating the latest cutting edge thinking in movement.

And so…

Welcome you to our piece of African paradise and I know you are keen to get going and see all that there is to take in. However, knowing how much you like to be seen, and how you understand that Cape Town is a beach culture, you appreciate how important it is to look good and feel great while you enjoy our beaches, vibrant nightlife and cosmopolitan people.

My business operates from the centrally situated Renaissance Building in Bree Street, the only exclusive anti-aging center in the world. The Gym is the most exclusive, privately owned personal training studio in the southern hemisphere. It is truly a masterpiece in design and unmatched in quality, being the brainchild of Dr Des Fenandes, the world-renowned creator of Environ.

I have at my disposal the latest and most effective training modalities in the world including ‘Powerplate’, ‘Kinesis’, ‘Kettlebells’ and of course your normal modes of gym training and cardio machines.

Armed with these tools, my knowledge and most importantly my passion and understanding of movement and the human body, I invite you to treat yourself by joining me for unique personal training experiences whilst in Cape Town.

I am available for personal training, nutrition consultations or even just program design if you wish to go it alone.

Contact me at through my website

Warmest regards

Jason Hough

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