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A great 21st birthday in Cape Town

Friday was the 21st birthday of my friend Thomas : – The last step into the adult world which has to be memorable. Thanks to Dirk who took us under his arm and showed us all the hot spots in Cape Town.
We started by having a cocktail at “Carne” followed by an unbelievable meal there. It is an Italian modern restaurant on the street in the old building of the Law Chambers.
They offer all sorts of starters like Carpaccio, ravioli, tartars but all very light so you can still have some room for the fantastic peace of meat that you have chosen has a main. When you order a lovely waitress comes to the table with a plate full of different pieces and explains to you what they are, and how they are prepared and served. We have finally agreed, with Thomas to take the 1.2 kg T Bone steak! It was tremendous especially with the Merlot that fits it really well.
After a nice meal we went to "HQ", another restaurant and bar witch gets pretty mad on Friday nights!
We arrived there at 10 and everybody was already dancing and partying in the main area.

The music was good, the people were nice, it is a very good transition before attacking the Fashion TV Bar !!See

This place has two areas; one lounge upstairs where people chill and warm up usually at the beginning and a second room were everybody dance on the dj’s set.
We have stayed there until the end of the night, partying and having fun, we had a great memorable night !!!
Thanks again Dirk .. CONTACT DETAILS
70 Keerom Street
Tel +27 (0) 21 424 3460
Heritage Square,
100 Shortmarket street
tel : + 27 (0) 21 424 6373
Fashion TV bar
114 Hout street

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