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Four years in, I’ve realized that living in Cape Town is like being the popular kid in high school: you know about every big and backdoor party going on the in the city and you’re invited to all of them.So we’re bringing you the keys to the kingdom – every hotspot not included in travel guides and Cape Town tours, every sultry secret you may be missing out on in The Mothercity.

Let’s start with the caffeine culture, because coffee dates should be about more than just the coffee…
Crespella, in Observatory, is the cosy hide-out of an award-winning crepe. This intimate, bohemian venue of absurdly reasonable prices, boasts my favourite Nutella, banana and crème crepe and the service of so endearing a shopkeeper, that you feel like a spoiled kid on Sunday-at-the-grandparents’.

Newport Market&Deli is a laid-back, bustling, best-for-breakfast venue in Mouille Point. Nestled in Beach Road, meters away from the shore-break, the view is almost as astounding as the house’s breakfast selection.

Farriers, in Wynberg, is a bit like tea in the secret garden and a favourite for the feminine. Every delicacy of the bakery looks and tastes of the love with which it was made, while nestled in the garden is a selection of stores stocking beautiful furniture and interior decor. A big recommend for a sunshiney tea.

Giovanni’s Deli is on Somerset Road, Mouille Point. A perfect slice of the best bits of Italy – an indulgence that puts the “deli” in delicious”. Great coffee; a trustworthy selection of fresh, sumptuous, pre-prepared meals (an incredibly difficult thing to find); a remarkable collection of exquisite wines and an all together great atmosphere.

Crepe Suzette reminded us of something commissioned by the Queen of Hearts. Hidden in The Rockwell, gorgeous antique furniture and carefully curated interiors add to the atmosphere of decadence. Everyone left lunch smiling. I thoroughly recommend the smoked trout blini.

Origin Coffee Roasters is located at 28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant in Cape Town. Take the time to visit them at Origin Headquarters in Cape Town and get the full experience. You can meet the artisans, watch the roasting, sit in on a cupping session, and get to taste the coffee while it’s still fresh.

The Beanery, in Gardens Center, seems like just another coffee shop for those on the go, but it lives up to its name. Their incredible selection of fresh coffee beans and a daily favourite for you, is what’s kept me savouring coffee rather than snorting straight coffee granules on days that I’m practically sleep-walking. Service-with-a-smile is prompt and the hit-the-spot food never disappoints.

Mimi’s is one of my favourites. It’s the kind of comfortable place you want to walk into and order “the usual”. The clam, home-kitchen-feel, fantastic food and absolutely superior smoothie selection makes this a place I’m still frequenting four years on from my feted first time☺

Spice up coffee dates and give these a whirl if you haven’t already.


  1. Hi Dirk

    I think that you forgot to mention the fabulous Rcaffe…

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. HallieHaller says:

    Hi there,

    Not Dirk but Hallie posting! Will be sure to swing by and try out R Caffe` sometime soon though.

  3. Francois Smuts says:

    Wonderlik! Al die nuwe plekke om te probeer! En wat van:
    1 Jardine se ‘hole in the wall’, vir wonderlike koffie en die beste pasteis de nata in Kaapstad?
    2 Die beste koffie waarskynlik in die land, by Origen?
    3 High tea by die Mount Nelson, minstens een maal per jaar?
    4 Die heerlike brekfiste by Depasco, terwyl jy al die mooie jongmense sien verbystap?

  4. Excellent ideas.

    There will be a follow up blog on all the new places which have come to light.

  5. Thanks for the comparison with the other stadiums. Good stuff! Can’t wait to be in SA for the games!!!!

  6. Hi there,
    It seems you like the Observatory vibe – one you’ve missed (think it’s very new). Green & Brown Coffee Co. (near cnr station & lower main).

    Their menu isn’t extensive, but the coffee is REALLY good….esp. the cafe mocha. And they have some seriously killer chocolate croissants in the mornings.

  7. 17 on Loader says:

    Thanks James,

    Will have to get out there asap!

    Do you have contact numbers for us?



  8. HallieHaller says:

    Sounds great – will definitely try to check it out soon! Thanks James!

  9. Sorry, don’t know the number. I can tell you they open at 07h30 every morning, so it’s handy to grab one for the trip to the office in the morning if you pass that way like I did while staying in Obs.

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