Cape Quarters’ Grand Opening

For those of you who have been above ground recently, you will know that the Cape Quarters has been renovating. Already a destination of the most gourmet, five star experiences per meter, the Cape Quarters has extended, and opened the doors onto, its lavish lifestyle of the piazza. As of last weekend they have been celebrating their Grand Opening! 

The Cape Quarters has gone from being a fine dining courtyard, to a creative epi-centre dedicated to the good life(style). The Cape Quarters now includes a variety of boutique stores, salons, a gym and the first gourmet Spar. The facade has been retained, but the magic of the Cape Quarters now spills onto Somerset Road, adding to its sidewalk charm. 

So far this has included art exhbitions, a fashion extravaganza, the festival of lights and (naturally) the fine dining that the Cape Quarters has always been known for. So 17 on Loader, has popped around the corner to enjoy the celebration – and you should too…

All week the square has been (and will continue to be) alive with daily promotions, specials and giveaways. The place is bursting with faces you'll recognize from Top Billing, FHM and the like. In the evenings, live bands lighten up the pace with chill room music from 7-10PM.

Coming up this weekend is the food and brandy festival, where the Cape Quarters celebrates connoisseur delicacies that they are renowned for. Alchemy of Gold will demonstrate brandy at its best while chef Jenny Morris inspires culinary genius. In the evenings a Cape Quarters cocktail party with Martini, salsa and hip hop on the square, and finally it culminates in a classic Sunday Brunch. More on the Cape Quarters' wonderful weekend plans to come!


  1. Went there the other night! Amazing time! The fairytale music was a bit weird, but the bedouin tent enclosing the courtyard, and the general vibe was awesome. HOLY MOLY the extension is fabulous!


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