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A winter welcome with What’s The Deal

What’s the deal?” – a phrase popularized by the, perhaps less-well-to-do of, Cape Town’s youth. A derivative of better-known phrases such as, “what’s going on”, “what’s happening”, or “what’s the story”.

So what is the story?

It’s June and Global Warming has kept weather, and hence our general outlook on life, tolerable so far… but we know what’s coming. Pedestrian grandmothers plummeting over zealously into coats, scarves and gumboots are evidence of the imminent, wintry doom that everyone seems to be anticipating. But keep chipper, because in the Mother City there are always ups to winter:
1. In winter, solo, indoor hermit-ing appears far more forgivable.
2. The wonderful excuse of “flu” is at hand when it comes to bunking workdays or dodging family gatherings.
3. Public nuzzling for shared body heat suddenly seems less nauseating and more practical.
4. Last, but certainly not least, restaurants, theatres, clubs and the rest of Cape Town’s hotspots are offering up a selection of the most outrageous specials just to get you in front of their fireplace, with others who delight in the excuse of “warmth” for sharing booze and body heat ☺

Here are the things to look out for this month, while I keep you in the know with regards to “what’s the deal” this June.

  • Pecha Kucha – A smorgisboard of inspired thinking starting 20:20 tonight at The Assembly, Harrington Street.
  • The Young Designer’s Market – Wednesday’s hub of emerging fashion for only the trendy.
  • Pilates (Tuesday 6-7pm), free live jazz (Wednesday 9-11pm), drum circle and fire poi (Thursday 6-7:30pm) all free at the Vitamin Water pop-up store, Loop street.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show on at the Barnyard.
  • 5. Free Salsa classes at FTV bar, Greenpoint, Wednesdays at 8pm.
  • 6. An unbelievable array of restaurant winter specials – check out this list
  • 7. And of course, Tulbagh’s own Winter Christmas.
  • So that’s the deal, brought to you by 17 on Loader every three days. Stay linked for far, far more to come!


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