New Years

New Year in Cape Town

Alright you boozy floozies, the time is once again upon us. I know,  I know. We're getting calls from fifteen different social circles, we're examining our Christmas-wounded wallets and we can't make up our minds on how to ring in the new year. So just for you, a few options…


Party karate…

Where I'd be, as the clock strikes midnight, is Greenmarket Square! A massive stage, 4 Dance Floors, 5 VIP VENUES, a big bar area and state of the art sound and lighting is what's on the menu. Not to mention the good ol' al fresco. In addition the line-up is grand! Live sax and percussion, locnville, dino moran, chris jack, the plastics, etc crew, captain stu and the pretty blue guns to name a few. Standard tickets at R180 and VIP at R280.

If you're into trance, and you either are or aren't, the Boomerang Psychedlic Trance Fest heaves into the New Year at Bien Donne tonight.

And obviously, check out VORTEX.

Clubbing into 2010…

Camps Bay's place to be, Cafe Caprice, goes carriage to pumpkin with a Full Moon party. Cape Town's best view, a full moon, good music and cocktails. Pretty much our usual lover in Caprice.

If you're wanting to chic it up in celeb status, Chevelle is offering 12 top DJs as well as SA's best electronic funk band, FLASH REPUBLIC live.

While CERTAINLY not one of my favourite venues, for lack of a general good vibe, Club91's Dirty Fantasies party kicks off tonight with sauce and seduction. R100 at entrance and R250 pp for VIP (bubbles and access to the VIP lounge).

Bang bannnnnnnnnng… she shot me dowwwwwn…. I love this place. Well equipped with MINISTRY OF SOUND they're unlikely to go wrong. Be warned, small indoor venue so attendees MUST be cool with crowds. R200 standard and R500 VIP (access to the ol' upstairs). This venue will be screaming audible chocolate – a good venue for hard partyers:)

For R500, fire it up at Hemisphere's Football Fiesta (welcome drink and canape included). Hemisphere, with Pravda Vokda and Redbull, party into 2010 like football fanatics.

In a similar style, Oblivion's World Cup party presents a New Year's Eve option. This place is always a laid-back, leisurely lounge feel, with tickets at R150 pp.

Wine and fine dine…

While the VIP price is high, the high demand for these R800 pp tickets doesn't lie. HQ has quickly climbed the social ladder to be one of the best places to be seen in CT. You can upgrade to VVIP, which makes the canapes oysters and the sparkling wine champagne. HQ is embracing the rest of heritage square to create a wonderfully in and outdoor, intimate New Year's Eve bash. The awesome DJ Rene makes an appearance, accompanied by Buddy wells on sax.

At an exceptionally reasonable R90 pp, try out Grand Daddy's Fiesta! Nachos, fajitas, burritos and chilli poppers or dance it up at the Daddy Cool Bar. One tequila… you know the rest.

For R150 pp stop over Boo Radley's Bar and Bistro. A little bit of old school cigar bar and a lot of love for cocktails. A welcome cocktail, canapes and free bubbly as we cross over.

Last but not least, for real decadence, Val de Vie's Sabrage has a spectacular menu for a New Year's Eve  sit down dinner.

Hope that helps? Wishing you a lots of bubbles and the best midnight kiss! Have a fabulous New Year :)

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  1. Thanks for an awesome round-up Hallie.

    Wish we could drink a toast together tonight….

    Thanks for all your wonderful blogs, and here’s hoping for non-stop partying throughout 2010…

  2. Wish i checked out this before new years. AHH


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