Out of Town

Wednesdays out are outward bound

My favourite thing about Wednesdays – STELLENBOSCH! For those of you who have not been, tonight promises to be prime. The quaint town by day, will churn out every newly-returned Stellenbosch student to revel in the custom of frenzied festivity by night.

Places of preference? I have always opted for chaos and crowds over class, but those of you seeking a calm start to the evening stop by The Brazen Head. A cosy pub that livens up for pre-drinks and keeps lively ‘til the early hours.

To those seeking stomach lining, Aandklas offers fantastic pizza over old school rock and a draught.

For those who start the night in fifth gear, as I like to, hit up Terrace. Legend has it that they are the largest distributor of Cane in the world, and once you’re inside you’ll understand why. Cane and creme soda is the Stellenbosch drink of choice, and at R6 for singles and R12 for doubles there’s no reason not to. Terrace gets dirty, full and raucous but if you can handle it it’s all the songs you know and love, and you love them so much more after a few drinks at unreasonable value for money.
Those really topping the tank will love De Lapa – a dark and dingy little pub that serves the best Red Candy flavoured fishbowls – good to share if you’re intending to keep moving. It’s a great stop on the way to ridiculous.

Hoping to reel in an artisan? Bohemia caters to a clan of skinny jeans and inventive hairstyles, and is the perfect place to have a drink and conversation. Most importantly it is right next door to, what I consider, Stellenbosch’s haven of choice…
The Mystic Boer is nothing short of Magic. The music is ineffable – always an incredible DJ flawlessly mixing popular songs from the periphery. The vibe is restless but relaxed and somehow comfortably houses almost every age group.  Five stars from my personal party people, Meg and AJ.
For those looking for a more mainstream “jol” (as they say in our own deep South), see NuBar or Denim and Diamonds.
Eager to keep off of your feet and sip a cocktail? Cubana accommodates a composed, refined evening.

Lastly, at 2AM, when Stellenbosch shuts its doors, the die-hards head to Springboks. The mood is set for not quite golden-olides – the songs everyone knows- and by now we’re too sauced to see shame in shaking to them. A great way to wrap up and evening.

Then finally, when tired and turbulent in the stomach region, head into the light. MacDonalds' golden arches and their 24 hour appeal complete the ritual of Stellenbosch revelry.
Overall, Stellenbosch is alarming in its cheap drinks and free entrance (except to Springboks). When you’ve been once you’ll understand why it is that every week, hoards of Capetonians make the half hour journey.

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